sully's head

  • the art of construction

    The inspiration behind my architectural paintings
  • social turkey

    An insight into how I deal with unexpectedly bumping into people I know and how I handle it...terribly!
  • new year's verbal pollution

    My take on what the new years resolution has become
  • over it

    How overthinking nearly ruined me as an artist
  • that time I took a shortcut

    What happened when I tried to gain followers the quick way...
  • no more games

    An insight to why I made 'a console'
  • 6 minutes

    the search for perfection holds us back
  • the ballad of the drinks machine

    an insight into why I made 'a drinks machine'
  • to fail is to prevail

    no one gets it right the first time
  • seriously, its just a pineapple!

    An insight into why I made 'a pineapple'
  • scared to be great

    the fear of putting yourself out there