the ballad of the drinks machine

the ballad of the drinks machine


Ok so its 4 years ago and Im having another go at painting and chasing the dream. Im working on some half arsed bullshit piece that I dont really like but I think other people will like. I finish it, post it on social media. It gets little to no feedback and I go in a massive huff. Standard procedure. This was when I was still in the transition period to painting what I enjoy. I did, however, stop being lazy by this point, so I painted over the whole thing and started again. This time though I was drained from searching for an answer to what the people want so I decided just to have some fun because what did I have to lose right?

The outcome? Well, lets just say Im writing this now because of that frame of mind. I created a piece called 'a stillage'. This piece became the prototype/catalyst for what would be my voice in the art world.

Muted colours, sharp geometric lines and heavy brush strokes all coming together to create a playful abstract vision of anything I want to paint. Bang! Sully's here!

From here it was all buzz no fuss. Ideas were flooding in. Random objects popping into my head all the time. Pineapple? That would look great, a prawn? Why not?! A vodka bottle? Whos gonna stop me?!

The weeks went by and I was orchestrating my plan of what to paint and what order to paint them in. Throughout this process something kept popping into my head, a soda machine you would see in a fast food joint on a blue background. Why? I still have no idea haha! The randomness of the idea is still beyond me, but I could see it so clearly, more than any other idea I had at the time. It had to be done. My gut was telling me it would work so I followed that feeling and produced this.

I loved it, I still love it. The composition is as pointless as a wasps bad temper, and at the same time its so important, because it represnts me, painting what I love the way I see it in my head with no boundaries. Ideas flowing from a place of raw creativity without a single thought for the end user. It is in these moments that we are at our most creative.

To this day I still can't fully explain to you why I had this idea. But what I do know now is that when I look at the painting Im overwhelmed with nostalgia and contentment. I remember being a kid and going into a fast food place and being really excited about the part where you fill up your own drink. It takes me back to a time in my life when the simple things meant everything. 

I still try to live my life this way. Amidst all the really big important things going on, I try to celebrate and really take in the little things.

This ideology is represented in a lot of my work. Simple, but bright and beautiful none the less.

And there you have it. 'A Drinks Machine' came forth and proudly took its place amongst my weird and wonderful collection.

Oh and incase you were wondering, that majestic shade of blue I used for the background is called 'Australian blue gum'.

Thanks for reading. Chat soon!

Art is for everyone. Sully ❤

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