a vodka bottle (print)
a vodka bottle (print)

a vodka bottle (print)

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- fine art giclée print

- available in 2 sizes

- 308gsm paper

- white border

- signed and numbered by artist

- certificate of authenticity included

- limited edition 100 small & 100 large

- professionally packaged to ensure perfect condition on arrival


This painting takes me to a time in my life when socialising and partying went to another level.

Local nightclubs, late night raves, afterparties in friends houses and summers in Ibiza. The vodka bottle was always there. Not always the preferred choice, but there none the less. It brings nostalgia and fond memories to the forefront of my mind. So what do I do? I celebrate that by giving it a colourful and vibrant platform to take centre stage.

Somewhere in between careless and careful, the lines and shapes come together to bring you a painting where the colours are as fresh and exciting as the memories that come with it.

Hope you love it as much as I do.