seriously, its just a pineapple!

seriously, its just a pineapple!

This pineapple represnts my inconsequential need for something lost in the deep of my mind as I struggle through the cataclysmic endlessness of my being, just kidding, its a fucking pineapple!

If your a normal guy or gal right now you're thinking 'yeah ok, so what?' And if you're a collector or critic you're thinking 'na, not good enough pal!'

So here we go...

One thing I learned at art college and from life experience is I have no time for bullshit and I also have a great nose for it (its massive). I tried to paint things that I thought people wanted to see. I tried to go deep into expressing myself as an artist through my work. I basically wasnt being myself. (We'll go into that more another time) But then at the turn of 30 something changed. I realised that I dont need to be something or someone Im not for people to appreciate my work. It was infact, the opposite. I just had to be myself. And it was with this fresh mindset and new lease of life that this little gem came along and saved me...

The Pineapple in alot of ways speaks for itself. Its a plain background which showcases the mighty fruit we love in my own abstract way. I enjoy bold and muted colours so the pineapple works very well with this type of colour choice. Its loud song of bright yellows and greens ties together with geomtric lines that match the background, a running theme in all of my work. It was with the pineapple that I really found my sound with art. Was like the first time freddy mercury played bohemian rhapsody, only difference is he wrote the greatest song of all time and I painted a picture of something that also comes in a tin.

The pineapple is everything I love about art in its purest form, which is freedom, freedom to be whatever it wants or whatever you want it to be. Which is the point of art isnt it?
'Pineapple!...I like to eat it.'
Christopher Walken
The pineapple is also who I am, or atleast everything I aspire to be. Its straight forward, quirky, bright, bold in its own unique way, but above all, its honest!

Im not here to trick you, im not here to bullshit you, Im not here to make you cry and Im not here to tell you how to feel about my work. Im here to make you smile and to show you that art is for everyone!

How do you feel about my work and my blog? Good or bad, I'd love to know. Please leave a comment if you like

Chat Soon

Sully ❤
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I really enjoy your blog, can’t wait for the next one, you deserve every success and all the good things coming to you, hard work pays off and your proving that! Never change


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