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- 50cm x 50cm

- acrylic on canvas

- original artwork

- signed and dated by artist

- certificate of authenticity included

- professionally packaged to ensure perfect condition on arrival

- framing option available


Everythings fucked. Ain't it? It's alright, you can say it. It's fucked!

And now more than ever, we need to be kind to each other, but we're not. Instead our social media pages are overflowing with anger, jealousy, hatred, resentment, bullying, narcissism, all in the form of a comment.  I can't scroll through my pages without seeing someone being horrible to someone else. Why? Why do you do it? It's something I have never been able to comprehend. I know it's there, I see it, but I don't understand it. I don't understand you. I don't understand you as a person at all. Someone has a different opinion to you about something and you bash them down with verbal abuse. Someone has a different belief system to yours and you make them feel like they have less of a place in this world than you. Someone is doing well for themselves and you make fun of them or try an pull them down into your sespit of resentment. And before you say 'it's because of what I've been through in the past', fuck off. YOU are responsible for YOU'RE actions and choices. No one else.

I want this painting to address all of that. I want this painting to shine some colour, light and happiness on the things we say to each other. I want it to represent a shift in the social media narrative.

This painting could also say 'If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all.' But that's not enough.That's too dismissive and it doesn't fix the problem.

What I want it to say is, if you can't say something nice, you are broken.

So instead of using your free time to try and break others, use it to put yourself back together. We'll still be here when you do. And maybe then you can join in on the colour, light and happiness.


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