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Sully Artist



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- 90cm x 100cm


- acrylic on canvas


- original artwork


- signed and dated by artist


- certificate of authenticity included


- professionally packaged to ensure perfect condition on arrival


Growing up I was always a huge fan of Queen and their music. One of my fondest memories from my childhood is watching the 1986 sold out Wembley gig they did a year after live aid on VHS with my dad.

He controlled the audience with every song, a capella and hand gesture for the entire concert. His performance was charged full of passion and energy. He poured his entire self into every song.

Very often does a person like this come along and change the shape of history and how we think as people too. He was a man who embraced being different, and that's why he was so brilliant.

So naturally I was compelled to celebrate this brilliant mans legacy the best way I know how to, and here it is, an icon.

Hope you enjoy the work as much as I do.

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